Moscow has many faces

In this post a lone wolf from Russia reveals the many faces of Moscow.


“A nice little treat before I go to sleep at night.”

Vibeke Mouridsen, the author of One Thousand Followers, in a Pocketful of Dreams vol. II Europe and Africa has received this review from a reader, Liz Gaffreau, Director of Individualized Learning, Granite State College, University of New Hampshire, USA and a fiction and poetry writer herself.

Why Peter Chikoyi loves Bulgaria as much as Zambia

An interesting blog from a native Zambian who lives in Bulgaria now. Love and respect are all you need, he says, to blend into a new culture and call a stranger your brother.

Romania’s Cristina Costea talks about “Beyond the Night Sky”

You have already met Cristina Costea from Romania. Romanians are known for their vivid imagination and intense spirituality, which they have expressed through their architecture, music, crafts, and traditions. Cristina is from that breed, intense but soft spoken.

Mane’s and Ani’s moving, heartfelt stories from Armenia

These two beautiful people, Mane Mehrabian and Ani Sargsyan, are from distant Armenia. Armenia is the smallest of the former Soviet republics. It is bounded by Georgia on the north, Azerbaijan on the east, Iran on the south, and Turkey on the west.

Freya Watson on the richness that words carry in the languages

My background, and therefore my writing, is quite eclectic. Growing up in an Irish-speaking Baha’í family gave me a perspective on life that is sensitive to the minority view.

What Vibeke Mouridsen learned that Denmark and Scotland share besides the old Vikings

Vibeke Mouridsen comes from the rainy but also very beautiful country Denmark. You may never have heard of Denmark, but you might know some famous Danish writers and poets like Soren Kirkegaard and H.C. Andersen and his fairy tale The Little Mermaid.