Vibeke Mouridsen, the author of One Thousand Followers, in a Pocketful of Dreams vol. II Europe and Africa has received this review from a reader, Liz Gaffreau, Director of Individualized Learning, Granite State College, University of New Hampshire, USA and a fiction and poetry writer herself:

Lis Gauffreau“I loved your story! It’s quite a statement on the world we now find ourselves in. (I won’t say any more so as not to spoil it for others). I’m enjoying the other stories in the book as well – a nice little treat before I go to sleep at night.”
– Liz Gauffreau

Thank you, Liz, for your kind words.

Have you read Vibeke’s story? Well, here’s an excerpt of One Thousand Followers:

My blog, ’My Life’, is my everything. It is my passion, my world, and my centre of rotation. It is my past, my present and my future. Or, rather, I intend it to be my future so I don’t have to work a regular, sick-to-death, job in order to go to ‘Spot On’ to buy the super-chic dress for the not-so-super-chic price I saw last Sunday.

I had struggled all morning with setting up a newsletter and threw the mouse from me in frustration. It landed on the edge of my desk (actually it’s my kitchen table) and rolled onto the floor, where the cover fell off and the battery tipped out. My foot slipped on the runaway battery when I jumped off the stool. Limping, I left the mouse and workings lying on the floor and grabbed my jacket.

On the main street, the dress was still hanging in the ‘Spot On’ window, sending seductive signals to me. I allowed myself a sneak peek at the price tag. Oh, it was just as I’d imagined!

You can read the full story in A Pocketful of Dreams vol. II Europe and Africa.

Foto_sVibeke Mouridsen is a writer from rainy Denmark. She writes specular fiction and crime stories. Online she is a writer at the twin blog Wibellus, where she writes in English – Life with words. On the blog she writes about words, stories, books, blogging and writing. She lives with her husband and a teen girl in a small village in Jutland. She also has an adult son. Besides writing (and a lot of reading) she works full-time as an IT consultant and test manager. Some say she is a nerd in that area. She loves strawberry pie and a good movie.

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A Pocketful of Dreams vol. I America and Australia

A Pocketful of Dreams vol. II Europe and Africa

A Pocketful of Dreams vol. III South Asia and the Far East (to be launched in May 2017)


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